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What is Quality?

Quality represents a new strategic philosophy of enterprise management, based on the overall commitment of management and employees, towards customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products, production and services.

‘Quality’ is defined as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that impact on its ability to satisfy a given need or requirement; also described as ‘fitness for purpose’ or ‘value for money’, as perceived by the customer.

According to ISO 9000, quality is a characteristic that a product or service must have; a quality product or service is one that meets the needs and expectations of customers

The European Union has agreed that quality concerns the product or the service at a competitive price. Ensuring good quality of products and services, is an ethical obligation for all those involved in the quality chain.

Quality Infrastructure:

The Quality Infrastructure is normally associated with quality management, quality assurance and quality control, certification and accreditation, conformity assessment, quality marks and labels, standardisation, metrology, testing, market surveillance etc.

A Quality Infrastructure operates on the basis of a number of components taking into account the needs, resources and limitations of the society.