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Publications, guides and other information of relevance to Small and Medium size businesses in Lebanon. Content includes the national SME Strategy, latest figures and other supportive information.


PDF Files
SME Strategy
Launching of the SME Strategy
Guidebook: What's in Lebanon for SMEs
SMEs in Lebanon
Financing landscape in Lebanon


Useful reports
Lebanon's Startup Ecosystem Roadmap BDL Accelerate 2015
CAS Lebanon National Accounts 2015 Comments and tables economic figures
Labour Market and Employment policies in Lebanon
Doing Business in Lebanon for US companies
International Labour Conference, 104th Session, 2015 - SMEs and Job Creation
Increasing Enterprise Growth and Jobs in Lebanon
Lebanon: Promoting Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity
Doing Business in Lebanon - A Tax and Legal Guide
Responsible Business Conduct
Global Innovation Index 2017
Tech start-up ecosystem in Beirut : findings and recommendations
ACTED: Labour market assessment in Beirut and Mount Lebanon
IRC: Akkar business climate assessment
GIZ: Employment and Labour Market Analysis (ELMA)
UNDP: Mind the gap: a labor needs assessment for Lebanon on the agro-food, ICT and construction sectors
World Bank: Jobs for North Lebanon
Arab Knowledge Index 2016
IFC: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises around the world: how many are there, and what affects the count?
ESCWA: The Innovation Landscape in Arab countries
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Lebanon 2015
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Lebanon 2016
Global Enterpreneurship Monitor (GEM) Lebanon 2017
Lebanese Innovation Economy - Tech Startups 2018  Report (Arabnet)
Guideline on Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector of the Arab Region (ESCWA)
Innovation Policies for SDGs in the Arab Region (ESCWA)
Community-based innovation for improved social well-being (ESCWA)
Syria Regional Refugee Response portal
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (to the Syrian crisis), Livelihoods Working Group Lebanon


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