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 Lebanese Republic
Tuesday 12th of December 2017 10:04:23 PM
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Meeting held between Ministers Raed Khoury, Hussein Hajj Hassan and the delegation of industrialists
Date: 05 June, 2017
Minister Khoury: “We identified 17 goods and commodities that need to be protected”
Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan: “We hope that the Government will be authorized to promulgate legislations in the field of customs”
An expanded meeting was held this morning at the Ministry of Economy and Trade in the presence of Minister of Economy Raed Khoury, Minister of Industry Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, Director General Alia Abbas, Director General of Industry Dani Gedoun, Vice President of Lebanese Industrialists Association, Ziad Bekdache in addition to many Head of Industrial Unions. The parties discussed ways of protecting the national production in order to decrease the passive trade balance.
At the end of the meeting, Minister Raed Khoury pointed out that the main purpose of this meeting aims to boost the exports and decrease the passive trade balance adding that “we identified 17 goods and commodities that need to be protected and we discussed the details in order to define and settle the pending issues as well as we agreed on an action plan to be submitted later on to the Council of Ministers in order to protect these industries and take the adequate decisions”.
Minister Khoury added: “Discussions also considered ways to boost the exports to Europe as a result of negotiations held with European countries due to our special condition represented by the flow of Syrian refugees; the thing that largely affected the Lebanese economy. In this regard, we have submitted a letter to the European Union two weeks ago concerning this subject matter and we indicated today the essential goods and commodities that we will ask the European Union to import”.
Finally, Minister Khoury concluded: “ We will not stand idly by while Lebanese market is invaded by foreign products competing with national production. In this concern, we confirm the Cabinet solidarity in settling this issue”.