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 Lebanese Republic
Thursday 18th of January 2018 11:51:17 PM
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The Minister presided today over a coordination meeting for the national committee for transport and trade facilitation
Date: 15 Sep, 2017
Minister of Economy and Trade presided today over a coordination meeting for the national committee for transport and trade facilitation during which a work plan was elaborated to reactivate the committee’s work that plays a vital role in trade facilitation in order to improve the trade exchange and facilitate the flow of goods between Lebanon and the whole world.
For this purpose, Minister Khoury asked every delegate of the concerned departments to express his opinion and suggestion in order to revitalize the committee’s work and fulfill its goals. In addition, discussions tackled the issue of providing practical mechanisms to facilitate the coordination between different borders crossing-related departments, especially the export one.
Furthermore,  Minister Khoury lead a meeting that included the Governor of the South, in personam and Mount-Lebanon by proxy, Mansour Daou; Akkar Governor, Imad Labaki and Nabatiyeh Governor, Judge Mohammad El Mawla to discuss the issue of illegal institutions covering all governorates. Minister Khoury stressed during the meeting that these institutions are considered very harmful to the Lebanese economy and consequently asked the governors to close them as stipulated by the law.
Moreover, Minister Khoury emphasized that governors should ask the municipalities to provide them with all the names of illegal institutions, within their respective competence. As a result, the governors shall take the decision to close these institutions and consequently inform the Ministry of Economy and Trade.
In this regard, the inspectors of the Ministry of Economy and Trade shall visit these institutions to make sure of their compliance with the law and shall notify the governors with the names of the illegal ones in order to take the decision to close them.
Minister Khoury assured that the Ministry of Economy and Trade is very serious in this concern and it will daily go after this issue and keep the media up to date with the next  steps to take.

In addition, Minister Khoury met with a delegation of the World Bank to discuss the project of job creation in Lebanon. In this regard, experts tackled the subjects that this  project will cover as well as the mechanism of development; details to be discussed in subsequent meetings held between the relevant experts and technicians.