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Monday 11th of December 2017 09:10:42 PM
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Competition Policy in Lebanon
As part of its strategy aimed at integrating Lebanon into the global economy and modernizing the domestic economy, the Ministry has been working on revamping its competition policy to be in-line with international practices. Hence the Ministry has developed an action plan which calls for a new modern competition law, the establishment of a competition authority, and the creation of a new enabling environment to ensure the proper implementation of the law.
The principle objective behind a comprehensive and modern law is to ensure competition and market access by preventing anti-competitive practices and abuses of dominance, thereby maximizing consumer welfare and promoting economic efficiency and innovation.
The drafting of the law was preceded by an economic mapping of the Lebanese economy in order to understand Lebanese specificities and thus develop a legal text that best responds and captures these specificities taking into account international best practices. The technical team, and from the beginning of the process, engaged all Lebanese stakeholders including public and private sector representatives. The team is working with international experts from the European Union, the United States (Federal Trade Commission), France (Conseil de la Concurrence), as well as other international organizations.
In parallel, work has been launched on a series of activities aimed at properly implementing the law. The introduction of this new law would require numerous training activities targeting both staff of the Competition Authority but also all relevant stakeholders such as legal professionals, economists, business representatives, and consumers. Moreover, awareness-raising campaigns and seminars are expected to accompany the technical training since the new competition law would affect every consumer and all facets of the Lebanese economy, including the public sector and public utilities.

  • Economic mapping study:
  1. Competition Research Paper (PDF)
  2. Statistical Annex (PDF)
  • Competition Policy:
  1. Power point presentation on Competition Policy


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