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Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs) constitute close to 95% of firms in Lebanon and employ about 50% of the population.

SMEs therefore constitute a pillar of the economy and the SME Strategy by the Ministry of Economy and Trade considers SMEs as a key economic engine to foster growth and job creation. As such, the Ministry of Economy and Trade sees it as its mission to enable the creation of vibrant and globally competitive SMEs which can contribute to employment opportunities and high value-added economy. In that spirit, the Ministry of Economy and Trade is constantly engaged in pushing forward favorable legislation for SMEs, partnering with other institutions and organizations for support programs to SMEs, providing expert talks and patronage to related events, and collecting as well as disseminating information about this sector.

Latest updates: Lebanon Economic Vision  |  International trade for SMEs  |  Going green for SMEs  |  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  |  SME Banking  |  Report on SME indicators  |  Implementation of the SME Strategy  |  Guidelines for collecting SMEs indicators  |  Entrepreneurship competitions and events  |  Online payment platforms  |  What's in Lebanon for SMEs  |  Financing landscape  |  Newsletter



SME Forum 2017

The SME Forum is meant as a yearly thematic event that will shed light on issues facing SMEs and pave the way to addressing them.


Discussion events among select experts to address challenges facing the SME ecosystem.




What's in Lebanon for SMEs

A guidebook of resources for SME managers and entrepreneurs: Research and innovation, Financing, Non-governmental institutions, Market access and export, Competitions, and Business development, training and mentoring services.

SME Strategy

A high level framework to guide SME ecosystem improvement. See also the status of implementation of the SME Strategy and the Launching of the SME Strategy.

SMEs in Lebanon

A presentation of the latest trends and state of the SME ecosystem in Lebanon. See also our Report on SME indicators and  Guidelines for collecting SMEs indicators.

Online payment platforms

Quick links to online payment platform providers for e-commerce services.

Files and reports

Regularly updated links to content of relevance to SMEs.

Financing landscape

A mapping of financing options available to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

Entrepreneurship competitions and events

Showcasing of competitions and pitching events for entrepreneurs and startups in Lebanon.

Useful links

External URLs of Government bodies and private sector organizations.

SME Banking

Listing of SME related programs offered by some of the Lebanese banks.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Introduction to the SDGs and related activities by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

International trade for SMEs

Overview of trade agreements and import/export procedures.

Going green for SMEs

Reasons and ways of going green through support programs in Lebanon..

Diaspora and SMEs

Initiatives and programs made available by collaboration with the Lebanese diaspora.

Regional support programs for SMEs

Regional organizations offering support programs to SMEs..


News of the sector from various stakeholders





Contact information for Small and Medium enterprise (SME) support at the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Ministry of Economy and Trade
Lazarieh Bldg. Block 02B, 6th floor
Downtown Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961-1-982367
Fax: +961-1-982297

Email: sme@economy.gov.lb


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