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Mission of the Ministry

The Ministry of Economy and Trade is responsible for the administration of Lebanon economic affairs. Hence, the Ministry is dedicated to elaborate, coordinate and implement all the works in the field of trade, economy and supply.

Its mission consists of the following:

Cooperate with other concerned ministries to develop the economic facilities and the national wealth of the country.
Take the necessary measures to enhance the trade, handle supply issues and protect the consumer by adopting a policy that maintains the economic balance through the elaboration, coordination and implementation process.
Track the economic developments and take the necessary procedures to benefit from under the trade, supply and consumption conditions of the country.
Ensure the country’s main consumption needs subject to the legal provisions.
Prevent monopolies and take appropriate measures for wider trade competition to ensure the public economic interest, in particular the consumer protection.
Set up studies, especially those related to foreign trade and balance trade as well as to publish the relevant statistics.
Prepare international draft agreements together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants and work to implement them.
Grant licenses related to the importation and exportation of goods subject to the that pre-authorization system upon the Minister of Economy and Trade instructions.
Participate in fairs, exhibitions and trade centers organized within the country and abroad; to plan, manage and supervise the Lebanese pavilions after consulting the opinion of the competent departments.
Submit proposals in terms of modifying the customs conditions, when necessary.
Follow-up on issues of the commercial, industrial, technical, artistic and literary property protection as well as all related agreements.
Supervise and control the chambers of commerce and industry in addition to the traders associations pursuant to the law.
Handle the issue of the wheat and its derivatives as well as major products for the sugar industry.
Follow up on the supply conditions; ensure the local consumer need from the basic food items; organize their sale when necessary and fix prices under the legal profits.
Give due care to the technical storage of the wheat and its derivatives and the sugar in addition to provide the necessary equipments and supplies.
Handle the issues of weights, measures and jewelries; suppress fraud pursuant to the laws and regulations in addition to take the necessary decisions that control all different commercial advertisements and set the maximum prices or profits percentage.
Prevent monopolies, control prices and abide by the relevant legal texts.

Ministry Organization Chart:

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Ministry Working Hours:

Monday to Thursday: from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Friday: from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.



Dr. Mohamad Abou Haidar has a Ph.D. from Claude Bernard University – Lyon and an MBA in Management coupled with a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences.
He was appointed as an Adviser for Minister of public Health in 2012. Dr. Mohamad joined the World Health Organization as a Technical Support for Ministry of Public Health and in the Summer of 2014

He joined the International Federation of Red Cross – Iraqi Red Crescent as a project ManagerIn 2015 he joined the United Nations development programme as a Quality Development Officer within the ministry of Economy and Trade till the decree of appointing him as Director General in June 2020.  

He is a lecturer at Sagesse University and Saint- Joseph University. He is also a member at the Board of Directors of  Banque du Liban and the Board of Directors of the Capital Markets Authority.

Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets