Lebanese Republic
Qualeb, as part of the support to the private and public sectors development under the Neighborhood Policy Action Plan was divided between a Twinning Project and a Technical Assistance Project.

Qualeb services encompassed all quality aspects: metrology, standards, testing, quality management, certification and accreditation needed for conformity assessment of products and services in the voluntary and regulated areas. It includes both public and private institutions and the regulatory framework within which they operate.

The main action taken by Qualeb is providing consultancy and trainings to support the public and private sectors. In addition to this technical support, Qualeb was working to assure the following in each component:


1-      Accreditation

  • Accreditation moves towards fully functional, internationally recognized and integrated.
  • COLIBAC operational as the National Accreditation Body (NAB) of Lebanon.


2-      Food safety

  • Comprehensive and integrated approach to food safety developed.
  • Operational procedures for competent food safety authorities proposed.
  • Implementation of the Food Safety Law (if promulgated) and of the Food Safety Strategy supported.


3-      Enhancing Export Potential of Agro-food sector

  • Food Safety Quality Management Systems with 20 selected agro-food industries focus developed.
  • SMEs selected in consultation with QUALEB and the Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists (SLFI) supported to prepare for Food Safety Management Systems Certification.


4-    Improving traceability  of food products in private and public sector

  • Support to drafting regulations which should include traceability as a legal requirement.
  • Action plan to improve phytosanitary traceability of food and feed products.
  • Study visits to Europe on the traceability issues organized and training provided.


5-      Quality in the Public Sector

  • The staff of public sector institutions trained in implementing quality systems.
  • Five public sector entities supported to achieve certification of their Quality Management Systems.


6-      Capacity building of Quality Unit

  • Expertise related to all functions and tasks of the Quality Unit provided.
  • Drafting of the National Quality Policy supported.
  • Training and further Quality Management System support to the Quality Unit.


7-       Lebanese Excellence Award

  • The Lebanese Excellence Award (LEA) revised and upgraded.
  • Support for LEA recognition by other international and European Excellence and quality Awards.
  • Training and consultancy to the Quality Unit and other LEA stakeholders.


8-      Legislation and technical regulations

  • Legislation related to the ACAA negotiations will be prepared or revised.
  • Six technical regulations based on the European New Approach Directive drafted.


9-      Quality Awareness Raising

  • Quality related awareness raising events regularly organised, such as the following: International conferences, round tables, seminars, media events, annual LEA ceremonies, etc.
  • Quality Unit’s website, newsletters, brochures and flyers supported and developed.


10-  Metrology

  • Implementing decrees for the Lebanese Metrology Law will be developed.
  • Support is provided to the National Metrology Council to facilitate the implementation of the Metrology Law, including the development of a National Metrology Policy.
  • Training is given to national legal metrology experts in Lebanon that will enable them to enforce the new metrology regulations.

11-  Standarsisation

  • LIBNOR was supported to build its technical capacity and strengthen its role in the Lebanese quality infrastructure.
  • LIBNOR was supported to continue the transposition of Lebanese standards in three priority areas, which are the EU Voltage Directive, the EU Construction Products Directive / Regulation and the EU Pressure Equipment Directive


12-  Conformity Assessment

  • Four conformity assessment bodies are supported to prepare for accreditation.
  • Seven testing laboratories and one electrical calibration laboratory are supported to prepare for ISO 17025 accreditation.
  • Two existing laboratories / inspection bodies and / or conformity assessment bodies are receiving support to become notified bodies under EU New Approach Directives.


13-  Market surveillance

Technical support and training are provided to the Consumer Protection Directorate within the Ministry of Economy and Trade and other market surveillance bodies to develop and strengthen market surveillance in Lebanon based on the best practice in Europe and EU Regulation 765/2008.


14-  Trade information

The Trade Information Centre is supported by:

  • Advice on the set up of a website that provides information on market access conditions in the EU to Lebanese importers and exporters.
  • Advice on gathering of information from relevant stakeholders to regularly up-date the website and ensure that information can be disseminated through focal points.



Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets