Lebanese Republic

What we provide

Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Directorate is committed to providing the highest quality service for consumers in Lebanon. We believe that high standards of consumer protection will help Lebanon’s economy flourish. Well informed, confident consumers are good for business. We also support legitimate businesses and through our work ensure that they can compete honestly and fairly.

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Economic Research

The mission of the Economic Research Center (ERC) is to provide technical and economic support to the Ministry and the Minister. The Center conducts various research and policy-oriented projects, monitors and compiles data, and acts as an economic think tank for the ministry and its numerous projects. 

In addition to the compilation of the 1997-2002 national accounts (link to the accounts page) series, the Center provides support to the SME unit,

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Intellectual Property Right

 What are Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual property rights are like any other property rights – they allow the creator, or owner, of a patent, trademark, or copyrights to benefit from his or her own work or investment. These rights are outlined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which sets forth the right to benefit from the protection of moral and material interests resulting from authorship of any scientific, literary, or artistic production. (As defined by WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization)

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The Ministry of Economy and Trade is concerned with economic and commercial affairs in accordance with the tasks entrusted to it by Decree No. 6821 of 28/12/1973 (specifying the duties and functions of the Ministry of Economy and Trade), especially the provisions of Article 1 of this decree, which is as follows:

  1. Working with other ministries concerned on the development of economic facilities and national wealth in the country .
  2. Follow the economic developments and take the necessary measures to benefit from them in the country's commercial, supply and consumption conditions .
  3. Anti monopoly and take measures that provide the broadest commercial competition for the general economic interest .
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Center For Pricing Policies

The Technical Center for Pricing Policies

Among the objectives of the Technical Center is providing proposals that contribute to the development of a general pricing policy. The Center is also responsible for controlling and monitoring price fluctuations, analyzing the market and conducting statistical studies thereof.
The Technical Center for Pricing Policies publishes regular bulletins such as:
  • Price Indicator for a select basket of foodstuff and consumer non-durable goods.(Monthly & periodical bulletin)
  • Infoprice, a monthly report that shows the list of the cheapest foodstuff and consumer non-durable goods in each supermarket.
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Support to SMEs

SME portal by the Ministry of Economy and Trade for small and medium size enterprises (SME) and startups in Lebanon. Includes information about funding, training, legislation, competitions, mentor ship, events, market access, export, innovation and other events and useful information and data.

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Pursuant to the law issued on June 23rd, 1955 (Israel Boycott)

Pursuant to the decree n° 12562 issued on April 19th, 1963 regarding the establishment of the Israel Boycott Office, granting the latter, thus under the supervision of the Minister of Economy and Trade, the power to take all the necessary procedures to implement the applicable laws and regulations as well as the provisions and principles of Israel boycott adopted by the Council of the Arab League in 1951; to ensure their application in order to face any attempt from the Israeli enemy to access our market by any fraud, forgery or smuggling means considering that the boycott of Israel is one of the legitimate and peaceful means to protect our economy and facilitate the process of trade exchange, transit, import and export between Lebanon and the whole world, by enhancing the cooperation and coordination of the public administrations and the Ministry of Economy and Trade to execute the boycott process. 

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The quality unit (QUALEB) is established at the Ministry of Economy and Trade by virtue of Decree number 12925 dated July 17th, 2004 & Ministerial Decision number 240/1/A.T dated August 11th, 2004.

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