Lebanese Republic

Do you need a small loan for your young new business?
Do you have an idea and you want the extra push to kick start?

Microcredit Institutions in Lebanon provides micro and small loans to start-up, employees and micro-entrepreneurs. These institutions aim at improving the social, cultural, and economical and health livelihood of rural Lebanese providing in addition to the financing, various types of assistance programs and development services.

Here are some factors:

  • Loans amount start from $1000US to $15,000US and could reach a maxi-mum of $50,000US
  • Some institutions require collaterals, feasibility studies and experience in the field of work
  • Loan utilization could take the form of a working capital, fixed asset and/or property investments and are restrained for commodities, securities, speculation, personal use and private cars

Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets