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Whereas the Ministry of Economy and Trade wishes to enhance the coordination with all lebanese universities in order to benefit from the available youth capacities to help the Consumer Protection Directorate implement the laws and regulations relevant to the consumer protection, in particular to accompany the Directorate’ inspectors during their inspection visits as well as to tighten the control on the markets or assist them in the studies made by the Ministry; therefore, the Ministry launched a volunteer program that aims to accept all university students willing to volunteer at the Consumer Protection Directorate in order to assist and accompany the Directorate’ inspectors to assume the markets’ control process, thus by filling the following application form.

  • Personal Info

  • Education degree

  • Your Available Time To Volunteer For The Campaign

    • Monday

  • Internship Duration

  • In Case Of Emergency We Can Contact

    • After starting my volunteering activity, I commit that I will inform the organization before my leaving 2 weeks in advance.
    • I certify that the statements made by me in answer to the foregoing questions are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I certify not to disclose any acquired information during my participation in the internship program to any third party

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