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Regional support programs


Some regional initiatives and programs cover Lebanon and therefore provide for support opportunities to local SMEs.


EIP Levant Fund The fund will employ its capital in the coming three years in eight to ten small and medium enterprises in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. Funds invested in each project range between $5 and $8 million. Lebanon's share from this fund will be 50 percent. The SMEs will come from several sectors including agricultural industries, health, education, trade, and logistic services. The companies should be able to export and have ability to achieve growth. Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.



World Bank A key area of the World Bank Group’s work is to improve SMEs’ access to finance and find innovative solutions to unlock sources of capital. WB's approach is holistic, combining advisory and lending services to clients to increase the contribution that SMEs can make to the economy.Around one billion dollars have subsequently been lent to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon. This has helped restore private-sector funding in economies where severe budgetary strains have crowded out the private sector – particularly the ore marginal SME sector. It is estimated that these loans have directly created around 150,000 jobs over the past four years. Worldwide



GroFin GroFin was established in 2004 with the objective of providing a unique solution of finance and support to SMEs in the missing middle. Our sole purpose is to sustain jobs and create impact in local communities through the development of a scalable, replicable and sustainable model for the SGB segment. Middle East Contact page
Sanad Fund The SANAD Fund for MSME views the micro, small and medium enterprise sector as an engine of economic development, job creation and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This also makes it a vast and as yet untapped investment opportunity. To realize this potential, SANAD provides debt and equity financing to local partner institutions for on-lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and fueling their growth. North Africa and Middle East



The Euro-Arab Business Council for SMEs (EABC) The Euro-Arab Business Council for SMEs (EABC) is a non-profit regional organization established with the support of the EU and League of Arab States and is financially and administratively independent. It aims at enhancing the level of Euro-Arab cooperation and partnership in the SME sector; establishing links with the financing programmes and funds launched by the countries of both regions to support SMEs; benefiting from these programmes and funds for the projects included in the Council plan; optimizing the use of training and rehabilitation opportunities provided by some European countries for SME development in the Arab countries; promoting dialogue and cooperation among the Council members as well as among the Arab and European entities operating in the SME sector; organizing meetings, seminars, conferences and activities relevant to the Council objectives; supporting the various forms of technical cooperation by promoting networking between the European SME support agencies and specialized Arab organizations; and establishing an integrated statistical database related to the areas of the Council activities. Middle East



IDRC (International Development Research Center) IDRC supports research in developing countries to create real and lasting change. This knowledge can be used as a tool for addressing pressing global challenges. IDRC provides developing-country researchers with financial resources, advice, and training to find solutions to local problems. IDRC also shares knowledge with policymakers, researchers, and communities around the world. In addition, IDRC fosters new talent by offering fellowships and awards. Lastly, IDRC puts new knowledge into the hands of those who can use it best to address global challenges. Worldwide


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