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Some initiatives and programs that aim to connect Lebanon with its large diaspora can be of relevant to local SMEs.


Lebanon Connect (Google Play, iTunes) is an app by TEDMOP and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application acts similarly to "a LinkedIn" for Lebanon and the diaspora and its main function is to connect the Lebanese worldwide. Subscribers can register either as businesses or as individuals. The app also provides a ‘Chat’ service between subscribers. Companies that face difficulties in marketing their products abroad can list themselves on the app's ‘Buy Lebanese’ feature. The app also allows local companies to post their job vacancies, as well as provides updates on news and events pertaining to activities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the country in general. Lastly, a link from the app to the ministry’s website allows conducting formalities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Live Lebanon (iTunes) by UNDP reaches out to the Lebanese diaspora worldwide and gives them the opportunity to support the people in their homeland that are in need with important community based initiatives. Their support, whether its through funds or contributing time, makes it possible for Live  Lebanon to make a difference on serious health, environmental, and educational issues. The contributions are made through Live Love Lebanon crowd funding website: www.livelebanon.org and mobile app. Crowd funding is a relatively new concept in the Middle East and Live Lebanon was one of the first initiatives to introduce it to Lebanon.

Lebanon Investors by Bank of Beirut is a platform whose overarching objective is to link the diaspora to the economic opportunities available in the country. The website is a forum where like-minded investors can come together. Information about investor profiles is channeled to a team at Bank of Beirut that then aligns the profiles with local industrial contacts and partners for proper financing purposes.

Diaspora ID is a digital platform that aims at connecting the Lebanese Diaspora with its homeland. This initiative also aims to facilitate the contribution of Lebanese expats to Lebanon and allow them to contribute to the development of their country.


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