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A number of Lebanese commercial banks provide services geared towards SMEs and micro businesses. The reader is advised to  contact them to learn more about their latest products.


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Bank Audi

Offers a range of tailored financing solutions with reduced interest rates, and collateral-free loans for amounts up to USD 100,000.

Special non-lending program that gives SMEs access to an array of benefits that fit their business needs: Business Loan, Empower Card, Kafalat Loan, POS cash advance, Power Card, Premises Loan.

SME banking at Bank Audi

+961-1-212120 or 1570

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Offers medium and long term loans as well as SME Toolkit and Women empowerment programs.

SME Toolkit: free training course to learn all the basics required to start a business, and to learn how to create a business plan.

Koudourat Term Loan, Koudourat Plus Term Loan, Koudourat Plus Term Loan against Cash Collateral.

We Inititative: BLC is the first Bank in the Middle East and North Africa region committed to women's empowerment, BLC Bank has developed internal and external programs to become the Bank of choice and the employer of choice for Lebanese women with Start-up or Corporate Loans.

SME banking at BLC

Call Center 1510

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Offers Kafalat Loan, Commercial Property Loan, Commercial In-Site Loan,  Daam Loan, Energy Loan for Businesses, Agriculture Loan and Other Facilities such as Overdraft, LC, LG, Discounted Bills.

SME banking at Fransabank

Call Center 1552

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BLF provides all SMEs and professionals with a wide range of banking products and services that meet all their needs thus supporting them throughout the various developmental phases of their growth. Its portfolio of market leaders includes more than 2,100 small and medium-size enterprises.

Offers short, medium and long-term loans and a wide range of special credit facilities: Kafalat, EIB, ATFP, etc.

SME banking at BLF

Call Center 1272

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Targeting SMEs registered in Lebanon engaged in one of the following economic sectors: Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Tradition Crafts or High Technology.

Offers Kafalat, Kafalat Innovative, Eco Business Loan, Supported Loan, Commercial Property.

SME banking at BBAC


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Credit bank

Offers SME loans in various economic sectors, including industry, agriculture, tourism and technology. Creditbank has also devised a “hand-holding” approach for start-ups, which comprises advisory services, feasibility studies, as well as capital and debt restructuring.

Offers Kafalat, Central Bank Subsidized Loans, Long-term Loans at Attractive Rates, European Investment Bank Financing, Overdraft - Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee, Project Finance, Discounted Bills, Promissory Notes, Other Commercial Credit Facilities, Advisory Services.

SME baking at Credit Bank


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Offers a range of account, working capital and term lending solutions to meet each customer’s business needs. To meet the customer’s long-range business needs, MEAB supplies short-term, medium-term and long-term loans. MEAB provides current accounts and working capital, including customized business loans, overdrafts and short-term loans, for flexibility and easy access to cash for the customer’s immediate business requirements. MEAB can also grant bridging loans for up to 90 days.

Offers Current Accounts, Working Capital, Short-, Medium- and Long-term Loans, Subsidized Loans, Project Financing, Trade Finance, Bridging Facilities, Discounted Bills, Treasury Solutions.

SME banking at MEAB

Call Center 1569

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Société Générale

In collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Société Générale is supporting the Lebanese private sector through a financial package of US$ 50 million for lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Business financing at SGBL

Call Center 1274

Byblos Bank

Provides business working capital to finance day-to-day business necessities; financing to invest in new fixed assets and/or equipment; and expand business locations.

SME banking at Byblos Bank



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