Lebanese Republic


Statement Regarding electricity generators

Wed 07 August 2019

Within the framework of the Ministry of Economy and Trade efforts to control the electricity generators sector in order to verify their compliance with the decisions and circulars issued by the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mansour Bteish as well as their adherence to tariffs established by the Ministry of Energy and Water; and after drafting records of evidence against the offenders, therefore the persistent owners of the generators were referred to competent court pursuant to the penal procedure code according to which judgments are rendered within a too short deadline.

In this regard, many judgments are rendered by single judges in many districts. For example, 130 judgments were delivered in Baabda district while more than 50 judgments were rendered in El Metn district. It is to mention that the fines imposed pursuant to these judgments ranged between 10 and 70 million lebanese pounds.

To this end, Ministry of Economy and Trade asserts that it will continue suppressing irregularities and refer the offenders before competent courts. In this respect, the Ministry filed yesterday four records of evidence against the offending generators’ owners in Bourj El Barajneh and Mrayjeh.   

Accordingly, the Ministry reiterates the pledge to all municipalities for the cooperation with the inspectors of the Consumer Protection Directorate in order to preserve the citizens’ interest.


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