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The minister issued a Statement to all importers and manufacturers of milk and cheese in Lebanon

Mon 06 May 2019

Minister of Economy and Trade, Mansour Bteish, issued a communiqué to all the dairy products’ importers and manufacturers in Lebanon calling up to strictly comply with the mandatory standards applied to this sector. The communiqué states as follows: “Whereas the dairy products are one of the most accurate and consumable products in Lebanon and; whereas the Ministry of Economy and Trade noticed through its market inspections that some of the dairy products’ importers and manufacturers are producing and delivering products non-conforming to the standards in terms of quality, in particular by using food additives, including but not limited to, starch or gelatin,

Based on the above, Ministry of Economy and Trade recalls article 48 of the Consumer Protection Law n° 659 dated on February 4th, 2005 stating the following:

“The supplier or manufacturer shall be prohibited to manufacture goods or render services incompliant with the mandatory applicable standards and which jeopardize the consumer’s health or safety; to display, distribute or promote the use or purchase of such goods or services, by any means ; or  to deliver goods or services incompliant with the adopted and approved standards, especially in terms of quantity, type, description or origin” while stressing that “each violation of the above mentioned article will render the offender liable to prosecution”.  

Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets