Lebanese Republic

Minister Activities date 10-7-2019

Wed 10 July 2019

Minister of Economy and Trade Mansour Bteish discussed the situation of the insurance sector in Lebanon in the presence of the Acting Head of the Insurance Control Commission in Lebanon, Nadine Habbal, with a delegation of the Board of Directors of the Association of Insurance Companies in Lebanon headed by Elie Tarabay and discussed the challenges facing the sector.

At the end of the meeting, Tarabay explained that “the visit to the Minister of Economy and Trade came after the election of the Board of Directors of the Association. We discussed number of issues of high interest, such as the merger of the insurance companies. We perceived that the Minister is working toward implementing the said according to enforceable laws.” 

In addition, Tarabay pointed out that Minister Bteish urged the companies to enhance their works in terms of insurance coverage and encouraged the companies to combine for the purpose of boosting the sector’ role.  

Tarabay concluded: “we handed the minister a memorandum touching on the demands and concerns of the sector, which he promised to study”.

The Minister also met this morning Ambassador of Armenia, Vahagn Atabekian, on a protocol visit during which he discussed bilateral relations and means of developing and enhancing trade exchange between Lebanon and Armenia.

At noon, Minister Bteish welcomed a delegation of Lebanese furniture importers and discussed the challenges facing the sector as well as the illegal competition and smuggling which make things difficult for the sector.