Lebanese Republic

Training course for volunteers in the Directorate of Consumer Protection

Thu 18 July 2019
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Minister of Economy & Trade, Mansour Bteish, inaugurated the theoretical training workshop for university students aiming to assist the Consumer Protection Directorate. It is to mention that the trainees, more than 150 students, will assist the Ministry’s inspectors in controlling the markets once the training workshop is done.

In this regard, Minister Bteish “expressed his happiness at seeing the students’ enthusiasm to participate in the theoretical training despite all the economic and social difficulties that the country is encountering”.

Minister Bteich stressed on “the purpose of this workshop aiming at strengthening the partnership with the civil society, in particular with the high-skilled university students in order to enhance the cooperation and build a real private-public partnership; adding that this training programme is crucial for the Consumer Protection Directorate. Volunteering will lead to raise the number of inspections and make stricter controls. In addition, the students volunteers help the ministry’s employees in fighting fraud and monopoly, controlling prices and assuring the goods and services safety and above all, the programme will help the volunteers to better recognize their rights and obligations”.

Bteish insisted that “the food safety is a top priority in the Consumer Protection Directorate strategic plan” adding that “cooperation will be maintained with the municipalities to enhance the inspection and control in terms of the food safety by training the municipal police and carrying out joint inspections patrols”.

As for the private electric generators issue, Minister Bteish assured that “the compliance of the generators owners exceeded 80% this month”. 

At the end, Minister Bteish wished that “the volunteers will comply with the instructions and laws and will adopt transparency and credibility during both their volunteering experience and their future career”. Minister Bteish also “thanked the universities for their willingness to cooperate with the Ministry; hoping for the students to enjoy a fruitful and rewarding experience”.