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Looking for a business development center that assists entrepreneurs by guiding and supporting them at every stage?

At a business development center, an entrepreneur is guided throughout the whole initiation phase until graduation. Usually for a relatively low fee,an entrepreneur can also be incubated and supported in every step of the way. The following provides information on several institutions that offer a variety of business support services, ranging from incubation to interventions and including competitions, networking and trainings.


Business Development Service Providers

Economic and Social Fund for Development

Description ESFD provides Business Advisory Services, in addition to a wide network of branches available at partner banks and advisors located throughout the Lebanese territory. These advisors seek potential borrowers and assist them in completing a comprehensive loan application which is then submitted to one of the ESFD partner banks for processing.
Products & Services Business loans to SMEs through the network established with the five commercial banks. Note that the ESFD guarantees 50% of the bank risk in case of default.
Targeted Groups Please refer to the section on Credit Guarantees.
Targeted Sectors Agriculture.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Viable business plan and solid cash flow.
Loan can be used against working capital and/or fixed assets (no commodities, securities, speculation, personal use, private/passenger cars).
ESFD targets both start-up and existing enterprises.
Registration at the Commercial Registry is not mandatory.
For More Details +961-1-373460/1/2


SoftShore Cluster

The Lebanon SoftShore (LSS) is a software cluster gathering experienced Lebanese software companies working together under the management of the Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial modernization (ELCIM) at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI).

Its main mission is to strengthen and promote the Lebanese software industry into the local and global scene.

Products & Services Export promotion.
Targeted Groups Companies in the software industry (solution and service providers).
Targeted Sectors ICT.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Established Lebanese company generating at least 50% of its revenue from software produced in Lebanon.
Cost of Service $1,200/year.
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IDAL - Business Support Unit
Description IDAL has established a special unit, the Business Support Unit, located within the premises of IDAL that will provide startups with all the needed information to set-up and run their business. BSU aims to provide startups with market information, free legal and tax/accounting advice, and licensing support.
Products & Services Support during Pre-Incorporation.
Support during Incorporation.
Supper during Post-Incorporation.
Targeted Groups Holders of a business idea, startups and early stage companies.
Targeted Sectors ICT and Technology.
Digital Media.
Agro Food and other production sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, SMEs with a Business Plan.
For More Details +961-1-983306/7/8


نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪european bank for reconstruction and development‬‏ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Advice to Small Businesses (ASB)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) provides business advice to small and medium-sized businesses in 25 countries in order to help those companies grow, succeed, and become genuine catalysts for their local economies, then their region. The program aims to connect SMEs with local consultants and international advisers.

Products & Services

A wide range of financial instruments and other services including:
Project finance.
Business advice.
Trade finance.
Capital markets.
Loan syndications.

Targeted Groups

Focus will be on financial institutions and the corporate sector, particularly SMEs.

Targeted Sectors

Infrastructure, energy, private and public sectors.

Conditions & Eligibility Criteria N/A.
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Berytech Business Support
Description Berytech Business Support offers a customized business support approach for holders of a business idea,  startups and early stage companies to ensure proper business development. Berytech Business Support and Incubation Programs are focused on fast and sustainable growth for startups and SMEs.
Products & Services Mentoring & Coaching: Your growing business is far more likely to strive when you can draw on the advice and guidance of a team of mentors with proven skills and experience.
Business Advisory: Our team of Business Advisors provides you with tools and strategies to tackle the various aspects of your business idea or growing business and accelerate its growth.
Access to Markets & Soft Landing: We facilitate your access to international markets through established partnerships with regional, European and International networks.
Targeted Groups Holders of a business idea, startups and early stage companies.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Open to all candidates.
For More Details +961-1-612500



Description The Mowgli Foundation is an award winning, UK-headquartered mentoring organization, established in 2008 by successful serial entrepreneur Tony Bury, in response to the need for job creation and sustainable economic and societal development in the MENA region as well as in UK communities. Mowgli serves and provides entrepreneurs and leaders from micro, small and medium sized, large corporate and family enterprises with solid and unparalleled mentoring relationships that significantly increase the chances of sustainable growth and success.
Products & Services Networking.
Targeted Groups MSMEs.
Second & third generation family businesses.
Corporate executives/leaders.
Targeted Sectors Services.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Established for at least five years.
For More Details www.mowgli.org


Lebanon Business Network
Description Lebanon Business Network is a business online portal dedicated to enhancing economic growth and job creation in Lebanon. LBN virtual business community facilitates business matchmaking through lead identification and information exchange between Lebanese entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.
Products & Services Networking.
Targeted Groups Lebanese worldwide including entrepreneurs and businesses.
Targeted Sectors All industries.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
For More Details +961-79-184289


European Institute for Cooperation and Development

Description European Institute of Cooperation and Development (IECD) is a development organization established in 1988 and operating in 16 countries. IECD aspires to provide beneficiaries with the necessary know-how to improve their lives, become responsible actors in their country and contribute to a fairer society. The ‘Support to MSEs’ Program gives small and micro-entrepreneurs the skills to strengthen and develop their enterprise in order to boost local economy and improve living standards.
Products & Services Basic Management Training.
Advanced Management Training Field follow-up.
Club of Entrepreneurs membership.
Targeted Groups Micro and small enterprises (between 1 and 10 employees).
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria None.
For More Details +961-1-556338


The Agenda Beirut

Description The Agenda Beirut is a non-formal education group, offering a set-up of short programs replicating all the basics required to meet the needs of different diligences under the umbrella of arts, lifestyle, luxury and society.
Products & Services Training.
Targeted Groups Precollege youth.
Young professionals.
Industry group.
Targeted Sectors Open to different sectors but more oriented into arts and leisure.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Viable business plan and solid cash flow.
Loan can be used against working capital and/or fixed assets (no commodities, securities, speculation, personal use, private/passenger cars).
ESFD targets both start-up and existing enterprises.
Registration at the Commercial Registry is not mandatory.
Cost of Services $700 per certificate.
For More Details +961-70-928926



Description BuBleik SAL is a Business Frame delivering basic office services at Below Budget. BuBleik facilitates virtual office services and remote secretariat support, suitable to entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners, by complementing their mission with a good business frame.
Products & Services Networking.
Virtual Office Services.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs.
Small Business Owners.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
Cost of Services $120/month for the Virtual Office Bundle, including a city business address for mail/courier collection and two dedicated telephone line numbers: one answered by a dedicated operator and the second fax-2mail. BuBleik also provides a complementary 1 hour meeting room access and 1 invoice submission/collection per month.
For More Details +961-1-411200


Entrepreneurs Lebanon

Description Entrepreneurs Lebanon is a central online platform, initiated by the Central Bank of Lebanon and supported by key stakeholders in the Lebanon entrepreneurship ecosystem. Entrepreneurs Lebanon provides entrepreneurs with one address to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, investors and funders. This platform also contributes to developing entrepreneurs' business ideas, find information on support organizations and the services they offer, access valuable resources and view a calendar listing local and regional entrepreneurship focused events.
Products & Services Online platform.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
For More Details www.entrepreneurslebanon.com



Description Servcorp is the world leader in serviced and virtual offices and IT service(s). It is recognized as a nursery for entrepreneurial small businesses and a home for international corporations expanding into or investigating new markets. It operates an international network of approximately 140 prime city locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South-East Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, United Kingdom and United States. Servcorp’s office and IT solutions enable companies of any size to operate with the corporate presence, IT, infrastructure and support of a multinational organization, without having the associated overheads normally required to do so.
Products & Services Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Address Packages.
Meeting Facilities, Communications Packages.
IT Services, Video Conferencing, Administrative Support,
International Exposure.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs, Local and Foreign Companies, Start-ups and SMEs, Freelancers, University Students, Lawyers, Engineers, Press.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Servcorp provides small to medium enterprises access to the best locations, facilities, technologies and people at the lowest possible cost.
For More Details +961-1-957700



Description Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplaces that are convenient, flexible and cost effective, with products and services ranging from fully equipped & ready-to-use offices, virtual offices, including professional & trained staff, to meeting rooms, business lounges and video conferencing studios. Regus global network of more than 2,000 business centres in 100 countries including Lebanon makes it easier for businesses of any size to succeed by working in new and more productive ways.
Products & Services Physical and Virtual offices.
Meeting rooms.
Video communication.
Access to worldwide ready-to-use offices.
Targeted Groups International and local companies, start up companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, lawyers, engineers.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
For More Details +961-1-956456


We Initiative

Description We Initiative is the first and only program dedicated to the financial empowerment of women in the Middle East. It targets all women and has two components: Financial solutions & Non-Financial Services (NFS). The NFS is the key component of BLC Bank’s promise to deliver what matters to women and their businesses. It includes: Learning and Development (workshops, roadshows & trainings reaching remote areas), Market Exposure (networking events, Brilliant Lebanese Awards), Information and Guidance (business tools, advisory services, www.we-initiative.com and www.lebanon.smetoolkit.org, connects with experts & mentors).
Products & Services Access to Finance.
Access to Markets and Networking.
Access to Learning & Development (information and guidance).
Brilliant Lebanese Awards.
Targeted Groups All women, with emphasis on SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Please contact the bank as each product has different conditions.
For More Details Call Center: 1510


Tripoli Special Economic Zone

Description The Tripoli Special Economic Zone was set up to be the focal trading and business platform for potential investors and a model for doing business in Lebanon, thus acting as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth and a force for the development of Tripoli and the North of Lebanon. Its mission is to provide a streamlined and transparent business environment, develop state-of-the-art infrastructure services, build human resource capacities and bolster SME capabilities; in order to attract local and foreign investors and expand Lebanon’s export potential, with the aim of building a diversified and sustainable economy with significant job opportunities.
Products & Services Promote net exports of goods and services.
Create employment opportunities.
Generate additional economic activity.
Support SME development.
Targeted Groups All groups.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
For More Details +961-1-981561


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SoUK·LB – Social Enterprise Hub is an initiative of the British Embassy of Beirut that aspires to strengthen and promote the social enterprise sector by supporting scalable social enterprises that seek to create transformational social or environmental change for the benefit of society. The pilot of this initiative will be implemented by DAI, Alfanar and AltCity Impact.

Products & Services Seed-Financing.
Support the development of a pipeline of high impact social enterprises.
Raise awareness of social enterprises and engaging existing ecosystem partners and key stakeholders to develop an impactful social enterprise sector.
Targeted Groups

Startups and SMEs at idea, early and growth-stages.

Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Application process applies.
For More Details www.souklb.co


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Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) Project


LED is a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that aims to increase jobs for Lebanese citizens. LED offers customized technical assistance to local businesses to help them identify and solve the problems that are preventing them from increasing sales, and therefore from needing to hire more Lebanese. LED also works with stakeholders and partners to identify, analyse, and propose solutions to problems that are affecting the business enabling environment.

See LED's flyer and project profile.

Products & Services

LED uses a methodology known as the buyer-led approach to guide how it delivers support and achieves impact. LED aims to help client enterprises to make deals with new and/or existing customers in final markets, whether domestic or export. Categories of assistance include:

  • Identify new buyers/markets
  • Improve sales and marketing
  • Improve transport, logistics and distribution
  • Improve/upgrade product design, packaging and branding
  • Upgrade production techniques
  • Enhance quality control systems
  • Identify/organize new suppliers
  • Upgrade technological innovation
  • Access credit/finance
  • Improve management practices
  • Improve human resource development
  • Improve knowledge management
  • Other services
Targeted Groups Any small, medium, or large Lebanese business can apply for LED assitance.
Targeted Sectors LED can support businesses in almost any sector, including but not limited to agriculture/agro-industry, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, ICT/media, industry, services, tourism/hospitality, trade, and other industries.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria

 Ideal LED "clients" are businesses that:

(i) can show that with LED support they will be able to hire more Lebanese citizens;

(ii) know their customers or potential customers;

(iii) can be supported cost effectively; and

(iv) are willing and able to cost share.

For More Details http://berytech.org/business-support/usaid-led-project/




Alfanar (meaning 'beacon” in Arabic) is the first venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab world that provides funding, management support, mentorship and training to social enterprises across all sectors with a particular focus on education, job creation and women's economic empowerment. Alfanar also supports eco-system players and the wider social entrepreneurship sector by providing tailored Advisory Services around social entrepreneurship as well as our ASSET program (Alfanar Sustainable Social Enterprise Training). Any revenue generated from these activities is used to subsidize grants to social enterprises.

Products & Services

Mentorship and management support.
Advisory Services (Program Design for Social Enterprise Support, Outreach & Selection of Social Enterprises including competitions, Due Diligence, Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Assurance, Mentorship).

Targeted Groups Growth stage social enterprises registered as SAL, SARL or NGOs.
Targeted Sectors All sectors with a particular focus on education, job creation and women empowerment.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Need to meet Alfanar's selection criteria and to get approved by the Alfanar Investment Committee & Board after due diligence and submission of an Investment Application Document.
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Neopreneur is an Innovation and Startup hub for entrepreneurs, SMEs and MSMEs, based in the old souk of Byblos, and expanding all over the decentralized areas of Lebanon. We provide an environment for success and innovation to our target audience. Our areas of focus are Social entrepreneurship, Innovation, Fintech and decentralized economic development.

Products & Services

Consulting and business support.

Targeted Groups MSMEs.
Targeted Sectors Any sector.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria N/A.
For More Details info@neopreneur.me



Private Sector Development Program (PSD)


PSD is a 15 million euro program aiming to contribute in Lebanon’s economic development and job creation by enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of its private sector with a focus on vulnerable groups. It will achieve this by supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by increasing their competitiveness and participation in the economy by fostering their development and integration into value chains.

Products & Services

€15 million volume of activity.
Three components covering: Tripoli, Bekaa and Akkar.
Thousands of beneficiaries.

Targeted Regions Tripoli.
Targeted Sectors 11 sectors: wood processing, grapes, cherries, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, jute, pumpkin, lettuce, eggplant and bell peppers.
For More Details



Accelerators and Incubators

UK Lebanon Tech Hub

The UK Tech Hub is an accelerator of startups and innovations rising out of the intersection of industry, talent and venture capital. The Hub offers pre-seed funding, mentoring, back-to-back design and development iteration support to get startups invested. The UK Tech Hub works closely with industry to identify challenges, come up with and validate solutions, then design and develop them.

The Hub prides itself in the long-term partnerships that it builds with its portfolio companies before, throughout and after acceleration and deal execution.

With offices in Beirut and London, the Hub is an internationalization bridge for any startup with a Lebanese connection.
Products & Services Workshops.
Mentoring and Investment Matching.
International Acceleration.
New Market Opportunities.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs, Start Up, SMEs, and Universities.
Targeted Sectors ICT.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs and startups willing to innovate and grow.
For More Details +961-1-669040


Agrytech Accelerator Program
Description The Agrytech Program, jointly funded by the Kingdom of Netherlands and Berytech, aims to source the top Lebanese startups with disruptive innovations in the Agri-Food sector and provide them with the adequate technical and business resources as well as community support to scale their ideas into successful businesses with global impact.
Products & Services Startup Funding: Cash injection in accelerated startups.
Prototyping Facilities: Access to Berytech Fab Lab and technical support.
Business Coaching: Master classes developing entrepreneurial competencies.
Customer Access: Promotion in local and international markets.
Industry Connections: Linkages to Agri-Food community and experts.
Follow-on Mentoring: Intensive mentoring trajectories with follow-on immersion in Europe.
Targeted Groups Startups and SMEs at the idea and early stage with solutions in Robotics, Remote Sensing, Automation, Traceability, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Logistics, IOT, Energy Efficiency, Urban Agriculture, Supply Chain, Payments, Big Data, Sensors, etc.
Targeted Sectors Agri-Food.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Apply online on www.agrytech.org. Short-listed applicants will pass through a capacity building program to develop their respective business and validate their proof of concept or minimum viable product.
For More Details + 961-4-533040


Beirut Creative Cluster
Description Supported by Berytech, Beirut Creative Cluster (BCC) is a not-forprofit, sectorial business association. Its members are firms based in Lebanon that create and distribute digital content, media products and services, design and marketing solutions. The corporate purpose of BCC is to promote the transformation of the Lebanese creative industries through strategic actions based on business co-operation, with innovation as a constant underlying goal.
Products & Services Fostering the competitiveness of the cluster and its members.
Supporting the development of an adequate business structure.
Encouraging and supporting internationalization.
Facilitating access to state-of-the-art expertise.
Encouraging specific business projects.
Launching activities based on co-operation and innovation.
Targeted Groups All competitive businesses.
Targeted Sectors ICT, marketing, advertising and media.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs and startups willing to innovate and grow.
For More Details beirutcreativecluster.org


Startup Megaphone
Description Startup Megaphone is a specialized resource and marketing engine that amplifies and directs the voice of Lebanon’s startup ecosystem to the world. Startup Megaphone organizes international events and activities in key cities (e.g., New York, London, Singapore…), showcasing startups, investors, supporting institutions from Lebanon and enabling their fundraising, networking and business development. Startup Megaphone empowers Lebanon’s nascent entrepreneurship scene, positioning it as a premier international startup hub.
Products & Services Workshop.
Targeted Groups Startups and SMEs.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs and startups willing to innovate and grow.
For More Details www.StartupMegaphone.com


Description Smart ESA is the incubator of the Ecole Superieure des Affaires.

It offers four programs in support of entrepreneurs:

  • For those curious about entrepreneurship, discover what it takes to become an entrepreneur - Duration: 2 weeks;
  • For those that have a clear project, find and create the right business model - Duration: 3 months;
  • For established start-up in their 1st or 2nd year of operation, incubate and reduce the number of fatal mistakes start-ups do in their first years - Duration: 8 months;
  • For start-ups with traction to grow internationally - Duration: 3 months.
Products & Services Incubation and Acceleration Programs.
Targeted Groups All entrepreneurs with innovative projects.
Targeted Sectors All innovative sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Great team and sustainable project.
Cost of Service All programs are free of charge and on a part-time basis to let entrepreneurs focus on their start-ups.
For More Details startup@esa.edu.lb


Description Speed@BDD is a Lebanese startup accelerator that prepares, supports, and invests in early-stage technology startups working on innovative software and digital solutions for take-off on their mission towards investment readiness and global success. Speed@BDD admits two batches of startups yearly at the Minimum Viable Product stage. The 3-month acceleration program offers $30K in cash and its equivalent in in-kind services that include in-house coaching, mentorship, free hosting, product and business development, financial advisory and legal services, all in exchange for equity. Startups also receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in exclusive benefits and discounts from GAN and Speed@BDD’s regional partners. The program concludes with Demo Day, an event during which accelerated startups pitch their businesses to a carefully selected crowd of investors, top mentors, and key players in the local startup ecosystem. Startups get the chance to raise $50K from the Seed Boost Initiative (funded by 5 different investors in return of 5% equity) at the end of each batch and 2 teams per cycle get sponsored for a potential Silicon Valley follow-on immersion.
Products & Services Investment, Coaching, Mentoring, Funding, Networking, Investor Relations, Working Space, Events, Follow-on funding opportunities, Follow-on immersion program sponsorship.
Targeted Groups All Tech sectors, mostly software.
Targeted Sectors Sector Agnostic.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria
  • Early stage, MVP stage, or early traction.
  • A-Class Team with full commitment to the business and one technical cofounder.
  • Already have a minimal viable product (MVP).
  • MVP has struck a positive cord with early user growth audience.
  • Validated business but not investor ready yet.
More information on the conditions and eligibility will be provided upon contacting Speed.
Cost of Service 10% equity.
For More Details +961-1-649555 ext. 6020/6021


Description Berytech is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups, fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Since Berytech’s inception in 2002, they have housed a repertoire of more than 300 entities, assisted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs in several outreach programs, created more than 1600 job opportunities, granted more than $600K+ to startups and have been investing more than $70M in Lebanese technology companies. Member of the European Business Network, Berytech was the first in the region to receive EU accreditation as a Business Innovation Center. Berytech is also Gold member of the InBIA, the largest member-based entrepreneurial support network in the world.
Products & Services Berytech offers one complete ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurs to create and develop their own startups and SMEs:
Office spaces and facilities.
Workshops, events and competitions.
Community of more than 200 entities.
Mentoring and access to international markets.
Funding advice and counseling.
Job opportunities within the network.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs, creators, experts, innovators, change makers, dreamers, believers and hard workers.
Targeted Sectors Innovation and Technology.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Innovative idea, quality and commitment of team.
Technology component and viability of the project.
For More Details +961-1-612500