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Get the help and incentives you need to grow the capacity of your business and better access the markets.

The institutions listed in the next pages provide assistance to SMEs in terms of local and foreign market access. Some institutions provide financial incentives such as exemptions and cash subsidies while others provide technical assistance services on different aspects including product development and export promotion. In addition, these institutions aim to build the capacity of SMEs on access to markets through trainings, networking and mentoring.


The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL)

Description IDAL is the national investment agency entrusted with promoting investments to Lebanon in growth promising sectors by providing a set of incentives and services. IDAL is also entrusted with export promotion services.
Products & Services Equity.
Financial Exemptions.
Cash Subsidies.
Targeted Groups Varies according to services requested.
Targeted Sectors Agriculture.
Agro Industry.
Information Technology.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Incubator to be registered as JSC.
Other conditions varies based on services requested.
Cost of Service NA.
For More Details +961-1-983306/7/8


Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernization

Description ELCIM is an industrial center established at the Industrial Research Institute, possessing a pool of local and international experts in various fields; the activities are demand driven and address industrial requirements from various sectors covering all aspects of the manufacturing and marketing activities. The methodology relies on visiting beneficiaries and preparing a full technical specs of the action agreed upon including timeframe, type and number of experts and budget.
Products & Services Business Development.
Management Reorganization.
Business Plans.
Access to Market.
Production Optimization.
Process Management.
Energy Management.
Access to Loans.
Targeted Groups ELCIM targets mainly Local Industrial SMEs.
Targeted Sectors All sectors
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria None.
Cost of Service On a case by case basis.
For More Details +961-5-467831



Description Berytech facilitates access to international markets through established partnerships with regional, European and International networks. Member of the European Business Network (EBN), Berytech was the first in the region to receive EU accreditation as a Business Innovation Center. Through EBN, Berytech offers Soft Landing, a co-incubation service for innovation-led companies who wish to explore new markets. Berytech is also Gold member of the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). Through its Projects Lab - the center unit for all regional and international programs, Berytech develops and manages: opening up fundraising opportunities, international linkages and leading initiatives fostering innovation and entrepreneurship
Products & Services

Berytech offers companies easy and practical solutions to go international through:

Ensuring that businesses entering or expanding into a new country are introduced to that country’s business practices and culture.
Providing additional help to accelerate foreign companies’ learning processes, help them make contacts in the new country, and provide access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.
Logistical Support: e.g. Accommodation Arrangements, IT.
Fast Track Access to local business community: Statistics tailored to your business needs, setting up meetings and networking events with your customers, clients or suppliers.
Specialized Support: e.g. Meeting with specialized experts, business advisors.

Targeted Groups Innovation-led companies who wish to explore new markets.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria NA.
For More Details +961-4-533040


SoftShore Cluster


The Lebanon SoftShore (LSS) is a software cluster gathering experienced Lebanese software companies working together under the management of the Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial modernization (ELCIM) at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI).

Its main mission is to strengthen and promote the Lebanese software industry into the local and global scene.

Products & Services Export promotion.
Targeted Groups Companies in the software industry (solution and service providers).
Targeted Sectors ICT.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Established company with an interest to expand internationally.
Cost of Service Membership fee.
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Trade Information Center

Description The Trade Information Center provides trade statistics, import and export regulations, tariffs, company search and outsourcing opportunities. It is embedded at the Ministry of Economy and Trade.
Products & Services Networking.
Business to Business Events.
Targeted Groups Individual Traders.
Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria No restrictions.
Cost of Service Free of charge.
For More Details +961-1-982360



Description The objective of this project is to make Lebanese products more competitive on international markets by ensuring they conform to the national and international standards. This will improve the health and safety of Lebanese consumers, and protect the environment.
Products & Services Access to Market.
Lebanese Excellence Award.
Enhancing Export Potential.
Improving Traceability of Food Products.
Quality Awareness.
Conformity Assessment.
Trade Information.
Support to the National Metrology Council via drafting.
Metrology Implementing Decrees.
Support to the Market Surveillance.
Support to Food Safety.
Targeted Groups Lebanese consumers.
Targeted Sectors Public Sector, Large Enterprises, SMEs, and NGO’s.
Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists.
Quality Stakeholders.
Lebanese Importers and Exporters.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Small to medium size food business.
Management commitment.
Cost of Service Free of charge.
For More Details +961-1-982360


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Zoodel is an online B2B marketplace portal that can facilitate SMEs' trading needs with Silk Road countries (Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Zoodel empowers sellers and buyers to optimize their supply chain.

Products & Services

ZoodPay (escrow).

Business Verified.

Identity Verified.

Premium Memberships.

Zoodel Finance.

Market Research.

Targeted Groups

Domestic or worldwide buyers and sellers.

Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria N/A.
Cost of Service

There are two different memberships available at the Zoodel marketplace namely, Free and Premium. Services offered to these memberships are different and there are more services available to Premium membership as mentioned on the website.

For More Details https://www.zoodel.com/


LCI â Specialised Credit Insurance Services to Protect your Business â

Lebanese Credit Insurer


Founded in 2001, the Lebanese Credit Insurer (LCI) is at the forefront of innovation in credit insurance and credit management solutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Acting as a driving force in trade facilitation, LCI is the first independent specialized trade credit insurer in Lebanon and the Middle East, and has recently ventured into Africa. Its suite of expert products and service offerings, support companies in managing their trade receivables.

It insures companies across Lebanon in the following regions:

  •    Beirut
  •    Mount Lebanon
  •    Jbeil/Keserwan
  •    North
  •    Bekaa
Products & Services LCI offers Tajer, a simplified credit insurance coverage for SMEs As a small or medium sized business in the Middle East, you need to protect your assets and ensure buyers pay you for the goods and services you supply. Tajer is a simplified trade credit insurance policy that supports you in growing your business, enables trade, and makes sure you get paid.
Targeted Groups SMEs.
Targeted Sectors N/A.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, the SME must:

  • Trade on open credit
  • Trade with other companies (B2B)
  • Have maximum payment terms granted  not exceeding 180 days
  • Have most of the credit limits below USD 25,000
  • Trade with Lebanese buyers
  • Excluding the building material and contracting industry
Cost of Service N/A.
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