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Find innovation and research programs that help you coin and develop new ideas.

Coining a new product or service, building on a newly acquired skill, or taking an innovation to market are all for an SME to gain competitive advantage and successfully perform on the market.

The following provides information on research, innovation and training centers and programs available in Lebanon.


Lebanon for Entrepreneurs
Description Lebanon for Entrepreneurs (LFE) is an initiative launched in 2013 by prominent Lebanese diaspora organizations Lebnet, LIFE and SEAL to accelerate the development of the technology start-up ecosystem in Lebanon. By collaborating with all existing constituents of the local IT ecosystem, LFE strives to align objectives while tapping into Lebanese expatriates’ expertise and network.
Products & Services Encourage financial institutional sources.
Support research and development.
Assist technology entrepreneurs with the resources they need to
start and grow their businesses.
Identify internet infrastructure gaps.
Identify the IT sub-sectors.
Prepare, review, and lobby for legislation and regulations that spur
SME growth.
Targeted Groups Universities.
Targeted Sectors ICT startups.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria LEF determines eligibility along the following dimensions:
innovation, market size, global reach, customer traction, growth potential, team’s strength and openness of the founder(s) to feedback.
Cost of Service NA.
For more details info@lfepartnership.com


Wamda Research Lab
Description Wamda is a platform of integrated programs that aims to accelerate entrepreneurship ecosystems throughout the MENA region. Its core focus includes media, community development, research and corporate and government advisory services. In the past few years, Wamda has become the leading grassroots community and knowledge platform for entrepreneurs and supporting stakeholders.
Products & Services Research and development.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs and stakeholders with research and advisory needs.
Cost of Service NA.
For more details connect@wamda.com


Description Founded in 2009, ArabNet has the vision to help grow the web and mobile sectors in the Arab world through its activities. It aims to build business bridges across the MENA region, stimulate the growth of the Arab digital knowledge, and support the creation of new businesses and job opportunities for aspiring youth.
Products & Services Conferences and Forums.
Competitions Workshops.
Targeted Groups Entrepreneurs.
Targeted Sectors All sector.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Entrepreneurs and stakeholders with research and advisory needs.
Cost of Service NA.
For more details +961-1-658444


Centre for Innovation and Technology Innovation Voucher Project
Description The Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) is a dynamic division of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), established to secure sustained support and innovation to the manufacturing industry.
Products & Services Networking.
Matching academia with industrial SMEs.
Access to research funding.
Targeted Groups Local industrial SMEs and universities.
Individual researchers and research institutions.
Targeted Sectors All sectors.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria Projects have to be already researched, proven to be valid and respond to the criteria of a new product/process development or new business model development.
Cost of Service Free of charge at the abstract presentation phase. A fee of $200 will be applied should the project pass the first screening phase and enter the full application evaluation phase.
For more details +961-5-467831


Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Program

LIRA is a national program aimed at building effective cooperation between industry, academia and research centers to address the research and development needs of the Lebanese industry, empower the industrial sector with innovations leading to the promotion of competitiveness and productivity and achieve a transition from a welfare to a knowledge-based economy.

See also a presentation about LIRA.

Products & Services Networking.
Research and Development (R&D).
Targeted Groups SMEs seeking to advance their industry through R&D.
Targeted Sectors Industry.
Conditions & Eligibility Criteria SMEs with R&D needs.
Cost of Service NA.
For more details



Image result for Digital Opportunity Trust DOT

Digital Opportunity Trust DOT


DOT is a youth-led movement of daring social innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities. DOT programs support youth to deepen their understanding of needs and challenges in their community, and provide them with the tools, knowledge, networks, and support to launch sustainable social initiatives that create positive change. DOT collaborates with a broad network of partners across civil society, the private sector, and government.

Products & Services

Supporting young leaders to transform the education system through education technology, by developing the digital entrepreneurship skills of young people and Palestinian and Syrian refugees; and by supporting young college and university graduates to become Social Innovators that apply digital solutions to solve community challenges.

Targeted Groups

Youth, Syrian & Palestinian refugees.

Targeted Sectors

Innovation & technology and education.

Conditions & Eligibility Criteria N/A.
Cost of Service N/A.
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