Lebanese Republic


Note: To obtain a clearance request for a foreign company , a Ship, Individuals or films  you are requested to submit the application via the following website: https://portal.economy.gov.lb and wait for an email or a phone call in order to receive the clearance request from the Ministry of Economy and Trade – Israel Boycott Office by submitting the request form showing a stamp duty of 1000 L.P.  Duration of the Application Process : 72 hours maximum except  special cases


Pursuant to the law issued on June 23rd, 1955 (Israel Boycott),

Pursuant to the decree n° 12562 issued on April 19th, 1963 regarding the establishment of the Israel Boycott Office, granting the latter, thus under the supervision of the Minister of Economy and Trade, the power to take all the necessary procedures to implement the applicable laws and regulations as well as the provisions and principles of Israel boycott adopted by the Council of the Arab League in 1951; to ensure their application in order to face any attempt from the Israeli enemy to access our market by any fraud, forgery or smuggling means considering that the boycott of Israel is one of the legitimate and peaceful means to protect our economy and facilitate the process of trade exchange, transit, import and export between Lebanon and the whole world, by enhancing the cooperation and coordination of the public administrations and the Ministry of Economy and Trade to execute the boycott process.       

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Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets