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  • The guide to register a Trademark through the Portal of the Ministry of Economy and Trade ( Ar version)



 Downloadable forms for Registrations (Arabic version PDF)
Trademark Registration with statement request  ECO001  
Patent Registration ECO003
Registration of property Transfer of Trademark, an Industrial design, a Patent or a Copyright
Copyright  Registration ECO002
Industrial design Registration ECO004 
Application to a copy of trademark, industrial design a patent or a copyright
License to entrust a Trademark, Industrial Design, Patent or Copyright
Revocation of Trademark, an Industrial Design, a Patent of Copyright
 Attestation of the Trademark, an industrial design, Patent or a Copyright
Modification of the Name of the owner of the trademark, the owner of an industrial design, the owner of a Patent or Literary and Artistic effect
Commercial or Industrial Trademark Renewal
Tradmark Renewal Registration


 References and Registration info: PDF
Literary & Artistic Property Law (Arabic)
IPR: The Applicant Guide 
Patent Fees 
Industrial Drawing and design Fees 
Trademark Fees 
Copyright and Related Work Fees 





 IPR  Advertisements (Videos)
IPR - 01
IPR - 02
IRR - 03


Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets