Lebanese Republic


The quality unit (QUALEB) is established at the Ministry of Economy and Trade by virtue of Decree number 12925 dated July 17th, 2004 & Ministerial Decision number 240/1/A.T dated August 11th, 2004. The quality Unit is mandate to implement the Quality Programme that is funded by the European Union. It began in October 2004. Since then, three phases have been successfully implemented:

Phase I: “Strengthening Quality Management Capabilities and Infrastructure in Lebanon” implemented between October 2004 and December 2007- with an overall budget of 15 million Euros.

Phase II: “Sustaining Quality”- Implemented between January 2008 and October 2009 with an overall budget of 2.1 Million Euros.

Those two phases successfully developed and improved the Lebanese quality infrastructure in order to increase the competitiveness of Lebanese products on international markets helping more than 65 organizations to implement quality management systems. They also promoted the concept of quality in Lebanon.

Phase III: “Further Strengthening of Quality Management Capabilities and Infrastructure in Lebanon” –  implemented between September 2012 and August 2015. The phase III with an overall budget of 6 million Euros has been delivered through two distinct European aid mechanisms: Technical Assistance and Twining. These two EU- funded projects supported the process of further strengthening the Lebanese quality infrastructure. The contracting authority for phase III was the Presidency of the Council of ministers through the Project Administration Office (PAO) and the main beneficiary is the Quality Unit at the ministry of Economy and Trade.


Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets