Lebanese Republic


The Ministry of Economy and Trade is concerned with economic and commercial affairs in accordance with the tasks entrusted to it by Decree No. 6821 of 28/12/1973 (specifying the duties and functions of the Ministry of Economy and Trade), especially the provisions of Article 1 of this decree, which is as follows:

  1. Working with other ministries concerned on the development of economic facilities and national wealth in the country .
  2. Follow the economic developments and take the necessary measures to benefit from them in the country's commercial, supply and consumption conditions .
  3. Antimonopoly and take measures that provide the broadest commercial competition for the general economic interest .
  4. Taking care of and developing trade and contributing to the revitalization of the services sector.
  5. The development of economic studies, particularly those related to foreign trade, trade balance and the dissemination of statistics related thereto.
  6. Preparation and implementation of draft international trade agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants
  7. Granting licenses for the import and export of goods the Minister of Economy and Trade subjects  to the system of prior leave after the approval of the Council of Ministers.
  8. The decision on participation in exhibitions, markets and commercial centers held abroad and locally, and take charge of organizing, managing and supervising the Lebanese pavilions after consulting the competent departments.
  9. Submit proposals for the amendment of customs conditions whenever necessary.

  10. Following-up on issues related to chambers of commerce and industry and trade associations, and monitoring them in accordance with law and order.

The Department of Commerce shall carry out these functions through its units.

The Trade Department units are:

  • Department of Foreign Trade

  • Department of Companies

  • Department of Exhibitions and Markets

  • Department of Trade Information Center

Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets