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Intellectual Property Policies in Universities and Research Institutions,Beirut December 13 & 14, 2016

For more info  kindly click on the link below https://goo.gl/h0m6PY...

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Minister of Economy & Trade Dr. Alain Hakim, met today the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Minister of Economy & Trade, D. Alain Hakim, met today the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style...

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Hakim: a clear marginalization of the General Directorate of State Security

The media office of the Minister of Trade and Economy, D. Alain Hakim, made the following statement: The exclusion of the General Director of State Security, Major General Georges Karaa being the...

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Hakim listened to the demands of the wheat farmers in the Bekaa

The Media Office of Ministry of Economy & Trade released the following announcement: “Minister of Economy and Trade Dr. Alain Hakim received a delegation of wheat farmers syndicate headed...

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Intellectual Property (IP) Workshop for Lebanese Parliamentarians

      Intellectual Property (IP) Workshop for Lebanese  Parliamentarians  Organized  by : The World intellectual property Organization ( WIPO) In Cooperation with : The...

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Receipt of the current year wheat and barley crops

In order to receive the wheat and barley crops harvested for this year and for the purpose of meeting the Ministry of Economy & Trade- the General directorate of Cereals and Sugar beets’-...

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The vehicle mechanical inspection Scandal: Absence of accountability

The Media OfficeofMinister of Economy and Trade Dr. Alain Hakim made the following announcement: Once again, the mechanical inspection scandal unveils the government policy adopted in tenders...

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Ministry of Economy: Tests results proved that Kinder bars tested negative for cancer-causing substance

Ministry of Economy and Trade published the following statement: Days after it was reported the discovery of possible cancer-causing oil in Kinder Chocolate, the Ministry of Economy and trade...

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The Ministry released an announcement concerning the prices of some goods sold throughout the Airport

The Ministry of Economy & Trade recently received complaints concerning the prices of some goods sold throughout Rafic Hariri International Airport, especially water and beverages. For this...

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The Minister Of Economy & Trade refers 13 minutes to the Court of Justice

The Minister of Economy & Trade Dr. Alain Hakim refers 13 minutes to the court of Justice detailed as follows: 5 minutes for expired food stuffs, 3 minutes for the incompatible meat, one minutes...

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Statement issued by the The Media Office of the Minister of Economy andTrade

As summer approaches, the Ministry of Economy & Trade warns the beach resorts about the manipulation of both the entry and the food prices sold therein, stressing that it will punish the...

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Announcement from the Minister of Economy & Trade Concerning Cereals And Sugar beets

The Media Office of the Minister of Economy & Trade, Dr. Alain Hakim, issues the following announcement: The Ministry of Economy & Trade,  the General directorate of Cereals And Sugar...

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Grain and Sugar Beets

Grain and Sugar Beets